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That was then. This is now

Thursday, 9 June, 2016 to Saturday, 10 September, 2016

An exhibition from The Center for PostNatural History telling the stories of the origins, habitats, and evolution of organisms that have been intentionally and heritably altered by humans - featuring current research specimens, and historical artefacts from the University of Dundee.

The Center for PostNatural History (directed by artist Richard Pell) is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to the complex interplay between culture, nature, and biotechnology. The Center's mission is to acquire, interpret, and provide access to a collection of living, preserved, and documented organisms of postnatural origin.

During Richard Pell's research in Dundee, he acquired specimins and discussed genetic modification with researchers and scientists Sarah McKim, Jens Januschke and Claire Halpin from Dundee's School of Life Sciences and the James Hutton Institute.

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