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Scales of life

Monday, 6 October, 2014 to Sunday, 11 January, 2015

Scales of Life is the inaugural exhibition in LifeSpace and features new and existing art works by Thomson & Craighead, Elaine Shemilt, Tabitha Moses and Helen Chadwick, alongside artefacts from the University's collections. The exhibition shows how visual artists have represented the fundamental scales of life - from molecules to organelles to cells to tissue. Scientific research into each of these biological components is the basis of the understanding and treatment of many diseases, yet these artworks, made from materials as diverse as embroidery or digital video, present other ways of picturing scientific knowledge. In the creation of their new works, artists Thomson & Craighead worked with computational biologists Geoff Barton, Nick Schurch and Chris Cole. While artist Elaine Shemilt worked with Imagery from the research of Mike Ferguson.

The exhibition is in part supported by The Wellcome Trust.

Watch a short clip about the exhibition from Art in Scotland TV


Scales of Life Installation Views (All photos by Ruth Clark, 2014)