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Material Concerns

Friday, 6 February, 2015 to Saturday, 30 May, 2015

Within a research setting, work that involves human tissue is subject to strict regulatory requirements, as is the possession of human material for medical and scientific education or training. But what ethical framework exists for the use of human tissue from living consenting donors in art?

This exhibition brings together work by Gina Czarnecki, David Connearn, Carolee Schneemann, Verena Friedrich and Alec Finlay with current research and historical artefacts from the University of Dundee to better understand the various processes of consent and the ethics employed in the donation and use of human tissue.

Material Concerns is supported by the Binks Trust.

Preview: Thursday 5 February 2015, 6-8pm.
Exhibition tour with the curator and artists at 5pm (rsvp to

Watch a short clip about the exhibition from Art in Scotland TV


Material Concerns Installation Views