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Artist's Talk: Genetic Moo

Event date: 
Saturday, 12 November, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00
Event location: 
LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery
Event speaker: 
Genetic Moo

Genetic Moo, an artist collaboration between Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup, will come to LifeSpace to discuss their work Battle of Blister. This animation, the result of a collaboration with immunologist Dr Neil Dufton, presents the inflammation process using footage of human performers. Generated in an interactive film set, these animations chart the escalation from fly bite to full scale engagement. Battle of Blister shows the never-ending battle between bacteria and the body. As part of a collaboration with NEoN Digital Arts Festival taking place November 9-13 in venues across Dundee, Genetic Moo will talk about their work, their collaboration with scientists, and their use of digital media to create interactive installations.