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Trevor Gordon

In 2015, Trevor Gordon participated in the project 'Atopic Art: Expressions of Eczema’ (a partnership project between ASCUS Art & Science, Prof Sarah Brown and Eczema Outreach Scotland) and delivered a series of participatory workshops with families affected by eczema at venues across Scotland inlcuding Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. The resulting art works titled 'What came first. The itch or the scratch' (2016) were exhibited as part of the Beyond Skin exhibition in LifeSpace (June-Sept 2017).

Trevor is a practising artist living in Dundee and a graduate of the MFA programme at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. He produces bizarre sculptures, inspired by his childhood upbringing in the North-east of Scotland and by the community around him, as well as his love of science fiction, tall tales and the natural world. Trevor’s work has been exhibited throughout the country in as varied venues as the recent RSA and SSA open exhibitions in Edinburgh and a site-specific work entitled ‘The Doors of His Face. The Lamps of His Mouth’ for the 2013 Cupar Arts festival. During 2014’s month-long art residency in the Shetland Isles he continued his interest in producing art work inspired by the community around him.