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Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore collaborated with scientist Dr Serge Mostowy to produce the animation art work Loop which was exhibited as part of Silent Signal from September - November 2016 at LifeSpace. You can find out more about Loop and watch a preview of the artwork on the Silent Signal website.

Samantha is an award-winning animated documentary maker. Her awards include one for Scientific Merit from the journal Nature for her film about audio-visual synaesthesia, An Eyeful of Sound (Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, 2010). She is passionate about the ability of animation to convey reality in new and surprising ways; for her PhD she researched the way animation can be used to document perceptual brain states using collaborative methodologies.

Samantha teaches animation at the University of Wolverhampton, and presents her research at conferences internationally. She has given lectures on her work including to the Royal Institute of Australia; St Pölten University, Austria; at the Melbourne International Animation Festival and she presented a keynote talk at the American Synesthesia Association conference in Canada.