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Mark Doyle

Through his engagement with research scientists at the University of Edinburgh, Mark Doyle became immersed in the microscopic alien world that is the root cause of the large-scale human tragedy that is malaria. The quest by scientists to better understand the biology and behavior of Plasmodium parasite and the anopheles mosquito has provided Doyle with the context for his work. Through the reconfiguration and collaging of lab equipment used for the study of infected blood, Doyle created a series of sculptural pieces that simultaneously reference the internal landscape of the host’s body and the external man-made environment that all too often provide a fertile breeding ground for diseases. Inspired by scientific research, Doyle has also produced a series of prints and blind embossings that explore the relationships between the organic microscopic world and our ability to observe and document it using photographic and digital imaging techniques.

Mark Doyle is a mixed media artist. He is the recipient of a number of awards including the Andrew Grant Bequest and the George Jackson Hutchison Memorial Prize. He has exhibited in various galleries in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and has work in a number of private collections. Doyle was the recipient of a Creative Scotland Artists Bursary at the start of 2014.