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Josie Vallely

In 2015, Josie Vallely participated in the project 'Atopic Art: Expressions of Eczema’ (a partnership project between ASCUS Art & Science, Prof Sarah Brown and Eczema Outreach Scotland) and delivered a series of participatory workshops with families affected by eczema at venues across Scotland inlcuding Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. The resulting art works, 'Dream Den' and 'Sleep Stories' (both 2016) were exhibited as part of the Beyond Skin exhibition in LifeSpace (June-Sept 2017).

Josie is a Scottish Artist and Designer who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2014. Her practice centers around collaborative social documentary, with a particular focus on using the arts to explore the psychological impact of long term conditions. Her work in community arts settings is spontaneous, lively and playful, and is underpinned by principles of inclusion and accessibility. She has worked on a wide range of projects with organizations like Historic Scotland, NHS Lothian, Impact Arts, the British Lung Foundation and The Mental Health Foundation.