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Jo Hodges

The adaptive strategies of pathogens and the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria has informed Coleman and Hodges exploration of the wider implications of human co-existence with microbial life. Their work, featured in the exhibition Transmissions, considers two different pathogens; Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that lives commensally on 30 percent of the human population, but causes problems in hospital settingsĀ  (MRSA).

Using out of gallery interventions, manipulated objects and speculative design, Coleman and Hodges explore the transmission of these pathogens in both historical and contemporary cultural settings. In illuminating aspects of the microbiology and ecology of these microscopic organisms, they also shed light on how contemporary society continues to be challenged by the evolution of the microbiological world.

Jo Hodges has a background in human ecology, community development and social justice and collaborates with Robbie Coleman. She has a diverse multidisciplinary practice, creating both permanent and temporary public works, site-specific interventions, time based pieces, exhibitions and performance. Hodges has worked with The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, The National Museum of Scotland and The National Portrait Gallery in London