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Genetic Moo

Artist duo Genetic Moo collaborated with the scientist Dr Neil Dufton to produce the art work Battle of Blister which was part of the Silent Signal exhibition from September - November 2016 at LifeSpace. You can find out more about Battle of Blister and watch a preview of the artwork on the Silent Signal website.

Genetic Moo build living installations in pixels and lights. Since 2008, they have been developing a series of interactive video installations based on imagined future evolutions. In darkened spaces audiences engage with their fantastical creatures which combine elements of the human and the animal. Their work draws broadly from science, particularly in the areas of evolution, symbiosis, morphology, phylogeny, mutation and artificial life.

Their work, Starfish, received a John Lansdown Award for Interactive Digital Art at Eurographics in 2007 and was nominated for an Erotic Award in 2012. They were recipients of the Lumen Prize Founder’s Award in 2013, awarded to artists whose work best reflects the uniquely engaging aspects of digital art.

They are currently working on Microworld: an experiment in creating digital ecosystems, where artworks react to each other, to the space and to the audience.