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Emily Floyd

Emily Floyd’s art work Kesh Letterpress (2017) is displayed in A Working Model of the World at LifeSpace.

Floyd has created a typeface for the Kesh alphabet, based on the language used by characters in a matriarchal, ecosophical society - The Kesh- invented by Ursula K. Le Guin in her book Always Coming Home. The Kesh language is a model of a worldview where “to be rich” is the same word as “to give”, and there is no grammatical provision for a relation of ownership between living beings.

The font, Kesh Regular Open Source, was designed by Floyd in collaboration with Dan Milne, Typelab.

Emily Floyd is based in Melbourne where she explores themes of education, play and knowledge in her practice. Her work is held in key museum collections such as The National Gallery of Australia, Gallery of Modern Art Queensland and MCA Sydney. In 2014 she held solo exhibitions at the Heide Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Emily is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.