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LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery seeks to foster research opportunities between artists and scientists.

LifeSpace works with artists in residence and commissions new work from artists as means of developing an always-relevant and international exhibition programme.

Seeking ‘Working Models’ from Research and Teaching staff across the University Of Dundee
This summer, LifeSpace presents an exhibition of contemporary art and working models titled ‘A Working Model of the World’. The exhibition, designed around University collections, will continue until October 2018 to coincide with the opening of the V&A Museum of Design Dundee.
For inclusion in the exhibition, the curators are seeking models that are actively used at the University of Dundee in research and teaching in any number of fields: mathematics, arts and design, architecture, biology, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, physics, economics, philosophy, geography, imaging or computing. The models need to hold contemporary significance as a framework for past or future knowledge development.
Models can be of any material (physical or digital).* All we ask is that the model should be presentable in a form that could, in theory, be added to an historical collection.
For example we are working with scientists in School of Life Sciences to identify and reveal specific strains of model organisms used in laboratories and teaching.
To propose a model or if you want to know more, please email
We’d like to know what the model is, its origins, its physical size (if it is in object-form), how it is used in the University and for what purpose.


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