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Past exhibitions

From 29 Oct 2015 to 20 Feb 2016

This exhibition is the result of a nine month residency by Mat Fleming in the Dundee Imaging Facility in the School of Life Sciences supported by The Leverhulme Trust.

From 18 Sep 2015 to 18 Oct 2015

A two part exhibition of contemporary art, artefacts and scientific research that considers the perception and wellbeing of the human organs of the heart and the brain.

Minds at LifeSpace features the work of Ingrid Bell, Tamsin van Essen, Aidan Moesby, Anne Milne and Jim Pattison, alongside the scientific research of Dr Miratul Muqit and Dr Ulrich Zachariae.

From 11 Jun 2015 to 5 Sep 2015

Transmissions is an exhibition that explores the microbial world and the implications of human co-existence with microbial life. The exhibition features work by artists who have collaborated with scientists to consider representations of microbial life, the global impact of microbial diseases and the evolution of antimicrobial resistance.

From 6 Feb 2015 to 30 May 2015

Within a research setting, work that involves human tissue is subject to strict regulatory requirements, as is the possession of human material for medical and scientific education or training. But what ethical framework exists for the use of human tissue from living consenting donors in art?