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Past exhibitions

From 1 Feb 2019 to 6 Apr 2019

An exhibition of contemporary art, historical objects and scientific case studies that consider how gender can be ‘seen’ or ‘positioned‘ in the world, and the effect of these perceptions on science.  

It features art works by Kira O’Reilly & Jennifer Willet, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Clara Ursitti and Ker Wallwork and selected objects from the museum collections at the University of Dundee.

From 5 Oct 2018 to 19 Jan 2019


Co-commissed with NEoN Digital Arts Festival this exhibition considers the protocols for propagation of genetically modified plants as memorials. The speculative design project fuses biotechnology with botany, and employs University collections and research to re-tell stories of scientific discovery and genetic inheritance. 

Spirit Molecule I is support by University of Dundee's Botanic Garden and Science Center, Philadelphia USA. 

From 15 Jun 2018 to 22 Sep 2018

An exhibition of contemporary art and working models that examines how models are used across disciplines to contemplate, experiment, invent and teach.

From 23 Mar 2018 to 21 Apr 2018

Neurogenesis is a new immersive installation by designer and social artist Helen Storey and developmental biologist Kate Storey in collaboration with Holition. Images of nerve cell generation emerge from a dress formed with materials worn by time.