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Past exhibitions

From 23 Mar 2018 to 21 Apr 2018

Neurogenesis is a new immersive installation by designer and social artist Helen Storey and developmental biologist Kate Storey in collaboration with Holition. Images of nerve cell generation emerge from a dress formed with materials worn by time.

From 22 Sep 2017 to 9 Dec 2017


As part of a year-long programme celebrating the centenary of D’Arcy Thompson’s extraordinary book On Growth & Form (1917), LifeSpace present an exhibition of spirals, spheres and waves in art inspired by naturally occurring mathematical forms and computer-generated abstractions.

From 27 Jun 2017 to 2 Sep 2017

Beyond Skin is an exhibition of contemporary art that explores the life and science behind atopic eczema, considering the challenging symptoms that people live with every day and the investigations into the unseen and human side of skin genetic research.

From 13 Apr 2017 to 17 Jun 2017

Scientific research is a collaborative affair. Teams from across academia and industry work in partnership to solve problems and test new methods. What goes on in the University of Dundee's School of Life Sciences building is a testament to the interdisciplinarity required for ground-breaking research.