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Workshop: Donate your tooth to the Palace

Event date: 
Saturday, 30 May, 2015 - 11:00 to 14:00
Event location: 
LifeSpace: Science Art Research Gallery
Event speaker: 
Gina Czarnecki

LifeSpace invites you to a free workshop with Gina Czarnecki as part of the Material Concerns exhibition.

Palaces is a magical sculpture by artist Gina Czarnecki created using donations of milk teeth from the public. The Palace will continue to grow over time like a cluster of stalagmites or coral, to form a fantastical palace-like structure made of thousands of milk teeth. On Saturday 30th May, Gina Czarnecki will be adding teeth to the sculpture. If you would you like to donate your child’s milk teeth to build a stalagmite crystal sculpture, call in to LifeSpace between 11am – 2pm or pop them in the special collection box.

Children who donate their teeth will be given a token in return to leave under their pillow. The token informs the tooth fairy of their donation to her palace.

Palaces is the centre piece of Material Concerns, an exhibition that explores consent in donation and use of human tissue in life, art and scientific research at LifeSpace.
Including work by Gina Czarnecki, David Connearn, Carolee Schneemann, Verena Friedrich and Alec Finlay alongside current research and historical artefacts from the University of Dundee. Curated by Sarah Cook.

Exhibition continues until 30 May 2015.  

Material Concerns is supported by the Binks Trust.