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Q&A with Dr Rastko Sknepnek and Susanne Boersma

Event date: 
Sunday, 5 November, 2017 - 14:30 to 15:30
Event location: 
Dundee Science Centre, Greenmarket, Dundee DD1 4QB
Event speaker: 
Dr Rastko Sknepnek (physicist) and Susanne Boersma (curator)

Please join us at Dundee Science Centre this Sunday 5 November at 2.30pm for a Q&A with Dr Rastko Sknepnek and Susanne Boersma. This event is programmed as part of the exhibition A diagram of forces and Dundee Science Festival.

Computational physicist Rastko Sknepnek and curator Susanne Boersma will talk about A diagram of forces, an outdoor exhibition currently at Dundee's School of Life Sciences, and its relation to D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form. Providing routes into understanding the different images, the participants will discuss the work and research that led to artistic and scientific outcomes. 

Come to the auditorium inside the Dundee Science Centre for this Q&A, where scientist and curator will present different insights in the exhibition and discuss possibilities for collaborations between art and science. All welcome. 

This event is part of the Animal Kingdom drop-in session during the Dundee Science Festival. More information about their programme can be found on their website.


Computational physicist Rastko Sknepnek, based at Dundee’s School of Life Sciences and School of Science and Engineering, researches physical processes in biological and soft condense matter systems. With a great interest in pattern and shape formation, his research exposes the collective behaviour of active parties; research that can be described as the modelling of crowds. Related to On Growth and Form, Sknepnek investigates the properties and behaviour of active matter.

Curator Susanne Boersma, currently based in Sheffield, put together this exhibition following earlier research and conversations with the artist Andy Lomas during her time at LifeSpace (Summer 2017). She completed her MA Art Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of Leicester in 2017 and has worked on various projects as a curator, teacher and translator since.


A diagram of forces
Celebrating the centenary of D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form, the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, presents an outside exhibition with works by artist Andy Lomas inspired by their shared view on the “perfection of mathematical beauty”. Lomas’ works are the result of an exploration of natural processes of growth; these magnificent forms relate closely to the research carried out at the School of Life Sciences.

This exhibition reveals how the simulated structures resonate with today’s research in biology, physics and chemistry. These “spheres of action” visualise growth, much like the active particles that can be seen in the renders by Dr Rastko Sknepnek. In this project, Sknepnek was asked to comment on what the forms of Lomas’ works might convey. Thoughts from Sknepnek and D’Arcy Thompson are combined to show the interaction between forces in science as well in as art.